Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

EVDO rant/question

Why does my Verizon EVDO card "disconnect" me on my Mac? Two or three times per hour it drops and I have to "reconnect". Very frustrating, as all TCP (ssh, usually) connections die. (Yes, I use screen... I'm still angry.)

If I lose signal for a second, who cares? Just wait for signal again and then send any queued IP packets. The other side sending me data will notice the lack of ACKs and resend their data. You know... that whole TCP thing. Why does Verizon/Apple or whoever think it's nice to just disconnect the network device and force the whole slow setup process again (DHCP, etc)?

Are these parameters tunable?

Hopefully somebody has some background/explanation for why this sucks like this... it'd make me a little less depressed at least knowing the historical accident which caused this sad state of affairs.
Tags: hate, lazyweb, tech

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