Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Vodka, Lacrosse, Neighbors, Hookups, ... small world

Last night I was providing post-drinking, post-movie taxi service for Becky and Dima (both of whom had fallen asleep on the couch during a movie after Zeitgeist).

As Becky and I are leaving the garage, two people stumble across the street towards me, a guy holding the hugest bottle of Belvedere Vodka I'd ever seen, and a girl carrying two lacrosse sticks.

Him: "Hi neighbor! I'm your neighbor! Want some vodka?"
Her: "I'm a professional Lacrosse player... see?"
Him: "Do you live here? I'm your neighbor."
Her: "I partied at your house, remember? I was here for Beau's 30th birthday party."
Him: "Yeah, she says she partied here... I'm your neighbor. Want some vodka?"
Her: "I had to get my lacrosse sticks."
Him: "What's your name? Let me get your number, I'm not gay or anything. I'm your neighbor. Let me just get your number. HEY!!! YOU HAVE AN iPHONE TOO!"
Him: "Yeah, so I just met this girl tonight and we hit it off so I'm taking her home."
Him: "Hey, who owns this place? You? Oh cool. And you're the one with the motorcycle too?"
Her: "We have to go play lacrosse now."
Me: "Indoors? Impressive. Goodnight. We'll have to party sometime. I'll call you guys next time we have a party here."

etc, etc...

In conclusion:
  • It's a small world.
  • Seems like I have a cool neighbor, Christian, that I never knew about. I like meeting my neighbors.
  • There might be a huge bottle of vodka still sitting on my steps, if he forgot to pick it up. I should go look.
Tags: life, party, random

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