Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Ah, the Internet...

Smart person from the Internet, asking about my jsdraw hack...
From: "xxxx xxxxx" <>
Subject: Hey Brad, b∎ck here... javascript whiteboard question...

Hey Brad, b∎ck here... javascript whiteboard question...

Want to know if you could make me a 500px by 500px whiteboard, no chat, and
a wipe button that requires a password to wipe, would be willing to give $10
for it... let me know.


ps just using this for fun btw.
I reply:
Sorry, I'm not doing contracting work.
He replies:
Contracting? This is just for fun...
I joke:
$10 isn't fun.  :-)
He asks:
Can i buy the source from you or is it free?
(minutes pass, he replies agains)
Lol i could have just asked for it but i want to give you something
in return, whats wrong with that?
(hours pass, I'm working, not checking personal email)
whatever punk ass bitch!
Umm... okay? Now you're definitely not getting a $10 copy of my open source code. Punk ass bitch!

Update, 2008-02-13: Sean called me (my GrandCentral number is public) and politely asked that I remove his name, email and handle. Seemed like a nice guy. I can respect that. Removed.
Tags: funny, stupid
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