Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Single Valentine's

Like last year, I am again single on Valentine's day.

When I was moving my car out of the garage today onto the street, I briefly heard on the radio some hungover-sounding guy who had just celebrated his birthday last night.
DJ: "And hey, it's Valentine's today."

Hungover guy: "Oh, damn... yeah, you're right. Maaaan."

DJ: "Oh, what, is that a problem? Sorry, you in trouble? Forget to get a gift? Single? Didn't want to think about it?"

Hungover guy: "No, I'm single and I love it. That's not the problem. I just realized though that I'm going to have to be buying all these single girls drinks tonight at bars and stuff."
Hmm... does it really work like that? Single, lonely girls flocking to bars on Valentine's?

Because that's totally my scene, ya know!
Tags: life

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