Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Event Mess

I use Google Calendar a lot. Both for personal stuff originally, and then now also for work.

I wish all my frickin' invites automatically went to Google Calendar in the default unacknowledged question mark state. Email doesn't work... if I'm too busy when the invite email arrives and I forget to add it to my calendar, I miss the event. But I do poll my calendar regularly.

Summary of where I get invites from:
  • Google Calendar -- works, obviously
  • Evite -- dear God, I wish they had an API so I could cron a job to sync my evite to my calendar. Has anybody wrote a screen-scraping module?
  • -- well, they can export to Google Calendar, so that's good, and I don't really get invitations from this, so no real beefs here.
  • Crush3r -- great site. wish its invites would show on my calendar somehow. (attach .ics file to emails? will gcal pick up on that?)
  • Facebook -- it can export to Gcal, but I have to log in to Facebook. I want the email to add an event.
  • Pownce
Plus, I want gcal to be my central RSVP point, and then have some server-to-server protocol for sending RSVPs.

One can dream.
Tags: rant, tech

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