Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Adventurous Weekend

Before I fall asleep, I'll try to recap the awesomeness that was this weekend.

-- kinda short day at work, due to floor reconfiguration/moves.
-- went to Ask a Scientist's "Puzzle Pi Day" event, to a packed cafe with a ton of teams of up to 6 people, working on 5 problems for 10 minutes each. I think we tied for 3rd or 4th or something. Some great problems.
-- drinking in the Mission at Velvet Cantina.

-- brunch with friends at Home.
-- bike ride with Beau across the Golden Gate, and up to the top of the Marin Headlands. Fucking Amazing. Totally need to do that ride again, and often. So beautiful and awesome.
-- epic bar hopping night: Flickr bday party at 111 Minna, Greg Stein's bday party at Dada, then Bruno's, then El Rio for another bday party.

-- car recovery bike ride
-- drove w/ dan_erat and daveman692 to Oakland to watch Lisa's season premier Roller Derby game. brought my SLR and got hundreds of great shots, mostly of people wiping out. to be posted later.
-- went to Playa Azul with the crew for ceviche, tequila shots, and margaritas.
-- went to Billy Goat Hill for more margaritas, beers, photos, and swinging on the rope.
-- lisa, dan_erat, and daveman692 decided we needed to play Rock Band. I've never played it, or even seen it. This required buying a PS3 and Rock Band. Also ordered Little Star while we were in Best Buy, so it was ready. Lisa recommended we walk out of the store with our $600+ worth of electronics and ignore the security guard's request to see our receipt because legally they can't stop you. I'd never thought of this, but liked the idea. Dan said he did it all the time. It was very liberating (but not as much as when I flew on a plane without identification). We got a little scuff from the guy as he repeatedly asked for our receipt and we just kept walking away. Really, it's just a bad store layout.
-- pizza and Rock Band, now also including Lina and her parents from Sweden. I couldn't help myself and had to play Boten Anna when I picked them up. But fortunately they knew it and liked it. :)

-- Sleep
Tags: bike, life, party

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