Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Firefox 3, a little rant

Dear Firefox,

We've been together now, what, 9 years? Remember back in the M18-ish days in 2000 when you used to shit your image cache? Aww, so cute. Yes, those were fun times.

You were new then, so I could forgive your kinda sucking.

But 8 years later I'd expect you to get your act together. In particular, a slow network operation should not beach-ball the whole goddamn application. Please go back to school and learn some basic networking, perhaps some threading, maybe some state machines. For Chist's sake.

When I visited the Mozilla campus a few months ago and did my little lunchtime presentation on why I'm breaking up with Firefox, this was my number one complaint, but I was happy with your guys' answer:
Oh, there are two APIs in OS X to do async networking, and we were using the wrong one in Firefox 1 and 2... the old, wrong one blocks the whole app. In Firefox 3 we're using the correct one!
So I temporarily displaced my frustration with Firefox and redirected it at Apple, for whom I'll always have extra capacity for frustration.

I waited patiently.

Then the Firefox 3 betas started to come out. "Holy shit!" I thought, "This stuff's getting pretty impressive. A browser on Linux that doesn't piss me off! Oh cute, they even fixed most the memory leaks!"

So yeah, I'm liking Firefox 3 (currently beta 4).

But you still fucking beach-ball all the time on OS X when the network is slow. That is to say, just about whenever I use my laptop, which is always over WiFi or EVDO.

Please fix.

Lovingly yours,

P.S. I'd open a bug, but my last bug has been open for 4 years or so now, so I'm not going to waste my time with that anymore. (I even funded a developer to fix the bug I'd opened a ticket for.... twice.)

Update, 2008-02-24: Turns out the problem is PAC files.
Tags: hate, lazyweb, rant, tech

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