Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I had two options for this Friday evening:
  • go to Tahoe & ski
  • go to Monterey & dive
I did neither.

Skiing would've required both days, I'd already committed to diving when my friends did their certification check-out dives, and I kinda hurt my knee the other day playing Ultimate.

But scuba: I couldn't find a scuba partner for tomorrow morning, and everybody else will be in classes, sitting on the bottom of the ocean tossing their regulators and finding them back.

So I sat at home, cleaned up music collection more, and did this hack: smart MP3-aware file chunking for Brackup. Now I can retag music at will and iterative backups in the future won't re-backup the music bytes, just the ID3 tags. MP3 files, when smart chunking is enabled, now have 1, 2, or 3 chunks, depending on number/type of ID3 tags.

As for fun stuff: I'll drive to Monterey tomorrow and just pay for one night's hotel, party it up in the hotel bar/pool, then dive Sunday morning with Erin, Whitaker, Tessa, Dan, Julie, and not Ojan.

Update: (oh, I also got iSCSI working from OS X to Linux. what a frickin' eventful evening, apparently.)
Tags: brackup, hack, life

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