Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Saturday Night Update

"What's going up with Brad?" you ask. Well, not much. I went to my first UW football game today, against the Oregon State Beavers. Being from Oregon myself, I kinda felt a little attachment, but I was still rooting for the Huskies all the way! We won, 35-34, but only by sheer luck. We kicked ass in the first half but let ourselves get trampled on at the end. OSU could have easily kicked a field goal and tied it and gone into overtime, but they chose to go for the two pointer and messed it up. But, I doubt you really care.

What's going on with me, though, and not my school's football team? Well, I have a shitload of homework, studying, and reading in each of my classes. Math midterms are Monday, as well as a big Spanish quiz. I'm not scared about math, as I've gotten perfects on all the quizzes so far. Spanish is just memorization (read: time consuming). Murder is where all my reading is at. Damn humanities classes. (=GRIN=)

What else? Oh, the Voting Booth service is back up again. I got (=AL|FastCGI AL=) installed so it zips along nicely now.

Well, I should get back to homework so I'm not doing it all tomorrow. Later...
Tags: lang

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