Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Bay to Breakers

nick and Paula came into town Friday night for the weekend, mostly for Bay to Breaker's. We went with Nick's friends on their Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure float. Poor photo from 7am this morning, during assembly:

(not pictured: Circle K and Wild Stallyns stenciling)

I was Socrates (online toga generator!). Nick was Billy the Kid. Paula was a princess. We had Bill & Ted, Rufus, ... just about everybody but Abraham Lincoln. I was totally into our Joan of Arc (so cute and feisty) but Nick said she was engaged, only to later tell me she wasn't. But by then she was making out with some dude in a tree. Oh well.

The booth included two kegs, a pitcher of jungle juice, a generator, and a ridiculous speaker on top that pretty much won the most fucking loud thing on wheels contest.

Here's Nick getting almost arrested by a very pissed off Officer John Ruggeiro for violating "417 of the Penal Code". Which turns out to be about brandishing firearms, whereas Nick actually brandished his middle finger. Towards the cop. In any case, Dan Bernards and I were pretty sure the cop was full of shit making up numbers (which he was: including "418 lying to a cop! He said he didn't flip me off!" ... My thought at the time: "Really? 417 and 418? They're contiguous? That's a coincidence!" ... taking notes while Nick's on the ground) The cop called Dan "Mr. Lawyer" for asking questions.

Too much sun & beer.

Good times.

Tags: life, random

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