Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Hot tub & weekend update

Saturday: slept 12 hours, hacked most the day (work stuff, but don't care... it's fun), met evan & meena for coffee at Ritual and then spaghetti and booze at Emmy's. went to party at Steve & Kendal's.

Sunday: woke up at grabbed a sledge hammer to work on removing the pond, because I want to put a hot tub there instead. Photos, including ones of my awesome hair and birds in the backyard. oh, and beat another ~15 songs on rockband (hard drums) later: coworker's girlfriend's graduation party in the south bay?

Monday: hanging out with avva, who's in town from Israel. He wants to go shoot guns or something with people, also in the south bay? (I know zero about guns) But there's also talk of a big group of people going hiking somewhere?

Too much south bay.
Tags: life
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