Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

I'm alive.

Apparently I haven't posted in awhile.

Let me remedy that.

Let's see.... where to resume? Last I pseudo-posted via LoudTwitter (now disabled, you're welcome), I was in Portland for my class reunion. So let's resume there, in traditional, lazy, bulleted-list fashion:
  • went to Portland for class reunion. saw some people. didn't see some people. remembered some people. didn't remember one person. had thought about some people. hadn't thought about a lot of people. really glad to see a few people. etc. not sure this is too unusual from anybody's 10 year class reunion.
  • went to Burning Man again. went kinda solo this year, riding up with random strangers (no longer strangers) and camping with a different set of random strangers (no longer strangers). some good dust storms.
  • i'm totally behind on life/errands/laundy/house/taxes/blahblahblah. still no hot tub despite most the planning/prep done, mostly because i'm too damn busy and never at home to arrange logistics. i guess i work a lot. can't complain, though... work is fun.
  • going to Istanbul & Moscow starting next wednesday (17th). should be fun too. working from Moscow office for awhile after Istanbul to justify otherwise-ridiculous flying time to Istanbul. stupid air travel. needs to be faster and/or easier to book.
  • Seattle couple days after that? tbd.
Maybe I should just post to Dopplr and not LiveJournal. This post is devoid of content.
Tags: life, travel
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