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Speakeasy pricing confusion [Oct. 8th, 2009|10:10 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick

Speakeasy peeps,

Am I over-paying? (I'm assuming yes.)

I currently have:

DSL: Home Plus OneLink ADSL 6.0/768 Pro-Install (C) (activated 12/21/2005) PKG1822837

which is $105.95 (+ $6 fees) per month.

I called to get it reduced and the guy on the phone was super vague and generally useless. Between grunts and burping and "Oh that's interesting!" interjections as he played on his computer, I heard various tidbits which I couldn't connect:

* I'm currently running at 4.0/768 because of noise on the line.
* He could give me $10 off.
* He couldn't give me $10 off.
* There's an unlisted 4.0/768 speakeasy package. Could I move to it? He'd give me $10 off.
* But I thought you were already going to give me $10 off.
* You could move to the 3.0/768.
* No prices are listed on the website. Just the cheapest, slow one.

Apparently no love for long-time loyal customers.

I'm tempted to drop Speakeasy, but where would I go? Cable? Aren't they all dicks? I want to vote with my dollar and not give money to stupid companies blocking/intercepting/rewriting traffic and other lame practices.

Who's the most money-worthy broadband company lately?

[User Picture]From: ibneko
2009-10-09 02:21 am (UTC)
We had pretty serious issues with Speakeasy at work (expensive, pain in the ass to move from one location to another). I finally convinced our workplace to get a comcast business line, along with two AT&T DSL backup lines. AT&T's gone down a few time, but comcast's still pretty stable.

And I use the economic comcast residential service ($25/mo, woohoo! + free basic cable that I don't watch). It gives me about 120 KB/s down, 30-50 KB/s up, with "SpeedBoost" (first 1 MB travels really quickly, and then gets throttled).

I use BitTorrent, but I have encryption preferred checked and I don't usually see any problems.
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