Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

A reason for Brad's sickness?

As you may or may not know, I've been seriously sick with some really weird severe conditions for awhile now. It seems to be fading away now but I think we've finally figured out what caused it all. (yeah yeah... i know... we've had a lot of other guesses but his one actually makes sense and doesn't have so many unknowns...)

See, we're in a new house, just built. Not everything is finished; some non-critical stuff like the yard and deck and air conditioning is fully complete. The air conditioner/heater people were in just before I had my first severe attack to adjust some ducts and charge our air conditioner up with Freon. We went to turn the system on the other day, when it was all hot in the 80's and stuff, and found that it didn't work. The Freon had all leaked out.

We researched Freon 22 and found out that it's really bad stuff to get in contact with. The symptoms were nearly identical to what I'd been experiencing. But why hadn't Ryan and Cole been affected when they are about the same distance from the furnace room? First off, neither of them live in their room... Cole is upstairs playing his baseball game in the computer room and Ryan is watching TV on the big TV most the time. Second, when they are in their rooms, they have their windows and doors open and use that for air flow and ventilation and stuff. I, on the other hand, live in my room, close my windows and doors, and open my vent thing (which my desk and computer are right under). So, I would be in contact with it the most. Another interesting thing is that for a long time my family had been saying my room stunk and wondered if I had been keeping food in my desk drawers or something. That was probably the Freon, the weird gassy smell that I lived in for a week or so.

So, that's our latest theory. We emailed the doctor and we'll see what he says. I'll post the news.

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