Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Ping Pong and 5 Pizzas

What happened today? Well, two interesting things, really. I got two new things:
First, my parents went out and bought a ping-pong table. Ryan and I and well, our whole family, loves ping-pong. We always played it when we went on (=AL|cruises AL=) except on the ship the table is ever so slightly swaying the whole time. Anyway.....
The second thing I got was a raffle prize item: 5 free large pizzas at a local pizza place. Our band was doing a silent auction fund raiser thing and my mom bought us all tickets. I showed up for the free food and then a bunch of us all took off to go rent (=AL|Fear of a Black Hat AL=) after we noticed the silent auction was actually pretty lame. Anyway, my mom came home later and told me I won and gave me my free pizza coupons. Right on. (=GRIN=)
That's about it. At nine or so everyone came over and we watched the movie.

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