Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

back from bikeride..... there are these awesome steps and jumps all over campus to go off...... i also learned how to ride up steps for the first time.... fun stuff. did a little offroading too on some trails and stuff on campus. Oh, and then found out I had a flat tire.... so we came back. Good story, eh? The moral is: the more fun stuff you get (bike) and do (bike ride), the more problems you get (flat tire). another example: car --> driving up at school --> speeding ticket and two parking tickets. hmm... what else? digital camera --> taking pictures --> batteries always dying and battery cage busting off. i know there are more.. oh yes.... linux ---> free, high-quality robust environment for programming --> pain in the ass getting simple shit to work. more, more.... screw it, i'm bored. point is..... there's always more 'x' amount of shit that occurs as a result of cool stuff. quite disappointing.
Tags: bike

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