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Brad Fitzpatrick

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[Jan. 22nd, 2000|01:52 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick

Very exciting night! Last time I posted a message I was bored off my ass and was just going to wander around aimlessly. I ended up riding my bike all the way downtown over a bunch of cool roads i'd never been on ride alongside the lake.... i then got downtown and rode all around. a homeless guy asked me if i had any zig-zags and if I smoked weed. I told him I didn't and he went on to talk to me about how much drug prices have gone up since he was young... that went on for a block or two and then I headed off into a different direction. later Hoku called me on my cell and said she was at Key Arena. i rode over there and listened to this homeless guy playing his tuba... he played the jeopardy theme over and over. drunk people coming out of the game knew him and all called him Jeopardy... it was pretty funny. right by Key Arena is this big bowl-shaped fountain that you can walk down into... I rode my bike all inside of that while I waited for Hoku and her roommates to come out from the game. then, they found a bus and took it over to gameworks and I chased the bus through downtown on my bike. they got off their bus and we went to mcdonald's and walked up to gameworks... on the way there eli's dad visiting from vancouver saw us walking by from the bar of his hotel and ran out and hollered at me.... very weird. so we talked a bit and headed up to gameworks. Gameworks kicks ass! I'd never been there and I had a blast... especially the driving games... I smoked everyone at Indy 500 everytime. Eli showed up shortly after we got there. at 1am they closed and we got on the bus and headed back. (i used the bike mounts on the bus on the way back.) so now we're back and not tired at all.... tonight rocked, as you can probably tell by my long post. ;-)