Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

oh MAN! that was the coolest damn bikeride i've ever taken ..... i went all over the place. i went over the university bridge over to red robin's and just followed the road by the river.... there are a bunch of cool places where the street goes down to the marinas and there are awesome views of the lake.. then i kept going and found this big ol' park with a big field and a swingset and a paved trail around it... i followed the trail and it went under 520, and over to this other side, and i got back on that other bridge and went over to near husky stadium.... going over the bridge i saw this trail down by the river... i kept going down until i found it. then i had to walk my bike down all these steps. once i was down there i rode alongside the canal, right up on the cement side thing... it reminded me so much of being in paris. after awhile i ran into a few spots where my bike and i couldn't both fit, so i had to lift my bike up above the water and walk around some tight corner leaning up against the wall, trying not to drop my bike. it was so worth it though.... there are some really damn cool trails and views down there. i'm going to go exploring more in the future.
Tags: bike

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