Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Beach and Stuff

Today kicked ass. (=FR nickrobertson|Nick FR=), (=FR anilnaik|Anil FR=), (=FR jeffoliver|Oliver FR=), (=FR mikesheley|Mike FR=), Yuki, (=FR heatherwhitten|Heather FR=) and I all drove down to the beach and hung out most the day. We left at 10:30. Mike drove Yuki, the exchange student living at his house, and Anil. Oliver drove Nick, Heather and I. We listened to a bunch of cool music going down there. I brought along my camera and got lots of good pictures. We had a blast. We ate at McDonalds the way into town because Heather was "starving". I had my first McFlurry... they're pretty good.
On the beach we played volleyball and baseball and frisbee and just dorked around. It was cool. Heather and I wanted to go jump waves but before changing we decided to go feel the water. Nick decided to run out behind us and throw Heather down into the water (which, as always, was ice cold). At that point I just jumped in with her and we swam around in our clothes. Nick came in too. After going numb, it actually felt really nice. Heather was always getting knocked over by the waves so we had to watch her and make sure she didn't drown. Nick later dressed up in some of Heather's extra clothes because he didn't bring any himself. He looked like such a girl. (yes, we got pictures..)
Let's see... what else? Buried Mike. Laid in sun. Got really red/tan/dark/burnt. Ate at Subway leaving the place (Nick made an ass of himself there too). Slept on way home. Heather came over afterwards.
I don't care to right much more anymore than you do to read it so I'll stop now. In conclusion, it all rocked. (=GRIN=)

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