Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

heh ... loading a 13,869 by 2,126 pixel JPG, my windows computer managed to lockup so bad even the reset button wouldn't work. (gotta love ATX motherboards.... remember when a reset switch actually toggled the power?) anyway, the image would've been frickin' cool ... i'd rendered the directed graph of all livejournal friends relationships to a postscript file (where it looked beautiful) but most people don't know how to open postscript files, so i was converting it to a JPG with ImageMagick, but I guess that isn't going to work if no image program can open a raster image that large.

anyway, now i'm going to get a dr. pepper and candy bar so i can stay up and read econ stuff for awhile. after my 5 hour nap today i'm not feeling tired at all, so i may just stay up all night.
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