Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

<rant> School sucks. I don't enjoy my classes. I just feel like I have to persist the next 5 weeks and then all the required shit will be over with. (I had to push all the not-fun required stuff off to this quarter ... I should have been smart and mixed up the not-fun stuff with the required fun stuff, but I did not.) Windows sucks. It's crashing and doing more dumb stuff than normal. I just rebooted my Windows machine into BeOS to FTP some files on my Be partition to my Linux machine, and when I rebooted back into Windows, it complained about some drivers and going into Safe Mode, and now I have 640x480 with 16 colors. *sigh* What the fuck? I need to pirate Windows 2000. Fuck you, Bill Gates. I hope your company does get broken up into a million little pieces, maybe one to fix each goddamn bug in all your products that we're forced to use because they're so damn popular (however that happened ... probably because they're easier to use than all the better alternatives.) How sad .... that dumb and buggy products win over in the market place. So I just started up x2vnc to use windows, and vnc won't start because of the fucked up bit depth windows is stuck in. And I can't change it, even though it correctly sees my voodoo 3500 and adi 6p monitor. I just want to kick it really hard. More rant --- homework this week is going to fucking suck again, kiss my free time goodbye. Grrrr.</rant> Okay, done for now. Surely there will be more later. I just rebooted Windows for the third time and it's working now... that makes a lot of fucking sense. Off to frisbee game. I'm gonna take out this agression into kicking the other team's ass.

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