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Brad Fitzpatrick

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[May. 3rd, 2000|12:11 am]
Brad Fitzpatrick
been on the phone for nearly 2 hours straight now. i wonder how long these cordless phone batteries last..... (on the phone w/ the guy in PA where I might go work this summer)

[User Picture]From: shannonkringen
2000-05-03 12:37 am (UTC)

goddessKRING seattle connection...

hello, i found your journal. thought i would say - isn't this journalLIVE thing fun 2 create with? i do cable access here in seattle...have you seen anacam.com ? very inspiring site.
my site is www.shannonkringen.com if you wanna see photos and kringSPEAK words...take care,
peace/health, shannon...
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