Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Who's the shit?
make_int_string (int ourInt, char *buffer, 
int buffersize, char **start, int *length)
int len = 1;
char *dig = &buffer[buffersize-1];
do {
*dig = (ourInt % 10) + '0';
ourInt /= 10;
if (ourInt) {
} while (ourInt);
*length = len;
*start = dig;
This is C code that gets to compiled to MIPS binaries, and then gets run on our project operating system.... the fragment above writes to a buffer the character representation of an integer, since we need it to output integers to the console/pipe/file ... heh ... this is fun. (Note to people that are good at C: don't mock my code ... I write Perl and SQL all day ... for me this is some high-quality stuff...... :-))
Tags: perl, tech

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