Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

story time: We rented that movie from the other day, so I had to go return it.... one of the drop places is a coffee shop on campus, so I rode my bike up to north campus to meet Eli (he was hanging out with Dana and Megan), and on the way up I thought it'd be cool to ride my bike up the two sets of stairs in the Quad ... I'd done it before, so I knew it was possible, even though it was a little wet and slippery out. (No, I didn't crash.) There were, however, a bunch of people going up and down the steps ... so I figured, why not? I did it perfectly, but I hit the first flight going a little two fast, and the back tire of my bike kinda hit pretty hard (no suspension in the rear) ... I made it to the top, then rode to McMahon where I noticed my ride was getting kinda squishy .. fuck! another flat tire... this is the sixth time this year I've got a flat back tire. So Eli and I walked to return the movie and then walked down to the bike store and got a new super-strong-pop-resistant tire..... hopefully that'll help. Good story, eh? :-P
Tags: bike
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