Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Back from California

Well, my friends and I are back from our California trip. We're all dead tired so I think I'm going to sleep now. We took some 250 pictures or so on my digital camera.
I think later on, when I've slept a little, I'll create a "travels" section of my website with reviews and pictures of places I've traveled. I plan on uploading the majority of my Southern California pictures tonight so look forward to that. Just too exciting, huh? Bet you can't wait! (=GRIN=)

  • Happy Birthday!

    Happy 20th Birthday, LiveJournal! 🐐🎂🎉

  • hi

    Posting from the iPhone app. Maybe I'm unblocked now.

  • Why, hello...

    Long time no see. How's my baby doing?

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