Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

I think there's a fixed lower bound on the number of email messages I can have in my inbox... 9. Everytime I've gone to clean my inbox in the past two weeks, the minimum messages I've got down to is 9. However, for people that check my inbox on occasion (you losers! you know who you are....), you'll note that I finally removed that message at the top that had been there since march 1st... yes folks, I finally after almost a year made my six-month check-up appointment with an op·tom·e·trist (pronounciation marks provided for your convenience, and because I just copy/pasted it from So uh.... now I guess I'm going to bring some forms up to Megan and Dana for our housing application stuff, if Erik gets his slow un·de·ci·sive ass down here anytime soon. Then Eli's off to class and I'm going to watch Rain Man on DVD... never seen it before.

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