Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

I don't often post entire email messages I get from people, but this one from Joseph Skidmore is worth it... (formatting added by me)

"I get ideas constantly about various things, many you dont want to know about (trust me). I thought up a couple ideas for the new login feature on livejournal, you may have thought of these already but I dont really care cuz im gonna tell you anyway.

Ideas for login:
  • A screen telling you what comments you have recieved or comments on your comments (like how you set it up to email people when they recieve a comment or whatnot). This might bog down your server or take up a lot of room ( I dont know cuz im a fuckin moron according to my 5th grade teacher) Maybe a listing of recent updates from people in your friends list.
  • or maybe just a picture of my big bare ass.

Other Ideas that im thinking of right now that have nothing to do with you but you will still read because you cannot resist:
  • Large barrels of actual monkeys sold as 'adult-toys'.
  • A 'who wants to be a millionare' book full of all the questions they use (like how jeopardy has).
  • Naked women dancing in my room.
  • Mass production of remote control cars (not the little ones, but real cars)
  • recycled toilet-paper napkins, each one has a unique design.
  • Computers made of foam so you can throw them from high places (apartments, parking garages, cliffs, etc.)
  • Radios in those big blue/green portable toilets that only get yanni, 24 hours a day (no more lines)
  • rename all 'child-proof devices' to 'moron-proof devices'
  • Head from the naked women
  • force prisons to make all life-term prisoners fight to the death on TV
  • sell home game for ultimate prison fighting
  • give all homeless people guns

As you can tell I had some real ideas then I got bored and started typing some retarded shit... you would be suprised in how many of those things I think are good ideas especially the naked bitches and the arming the homeless

Remember... Beans, ya aint supposed ta eat em."

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