Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Jimmy "nolegs" McGee wrote me with another fun email:

Why dont they make computers that run off of potato(e)s like clocks
Are you a large man named Bert that sits in his basement all day reading the
same dilbert cartoon over and over again until you start to drool and pass
How can I legally change my middle name to nolegs?
If every cloud has a silver lining then why dont we mine the clouds for all
they are worth?
What color socks do you prefer blue or plastic?
Have you ever thought about buying large amounts of bubble wrap and locking
yourself in a room until you bust every one of the damn bubbles?
Do you ever go to your classes?
If I was a small schoolgirl would you spank me?
Have you ever put alcohol in an enema and squirted it in your anus?
Do you have an anus?
What is an anus?
Would you like to sell for my old tractor?
Can muppets have sex? And if they can would you buy a muppet porno?
Is it illegal to kill a computer?
Do you prefer maple or blueberry syrup?
Have you ever had a square pancake?
What is the difference between a flapjack and a pancake?
Do you have an umbrella?
Is it a power rangers umbrella?
Am I annoying?
When you are 'programming' are you really programming or are you looking at
pictures of naked 89 year old gay men?
Have you ever seen a third nipple?
Have you ever seen a person with an odd number of toes?
How short do you have to be to be a midget?
Do the small midgets hate the tall midgets?
Do they prefer being called midgets, dwarfs, or little people?
How many licks are there to the center of a rock?
Why do hotpockets say CAUTION: FILLING WILL BE HOT but if you put it in for
10 seconds its still cold/frozen?
Are you ready for more questions?


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