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Here in the lab. I do not want to be here now. I'm sick of… - brad's life — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Brad Fitzpatrick

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[May. 24th, 2000|04:04 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
Here in the lab. I do not want to be here now. I'm sick of school... I'm tired mentally and physically. I eagerly await summer. I have 6 days of school left, 2 days of finals, 2 big projects, and a bunch of dumb assignments left. Ever since I got my Palm Pilot I'm increasingly aware of how much shit I have to do and how much I haven't done. *sigh*

[User Picture]From: aaron
2000-05-24 04:12 pm (UTC)
(like 50's commercial announcer)
With Life suddenly Organized, Brad now has things to do...
Brad now can schedual his Life
Brad can now know exactly how much he hasn't done.

This all thanks to His Palm

(end play cheezy music)
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[User Picture]From: erik
2000-05-24 06:58 pm (UTC)
I hear ya dogg:

"I'm so sick and tired of being admired that I wish that I would just die or get fired, and dropped from my label, and stop with the fables, I'm not gonna be able to topple My Name Is, and pigeon-hole into some poppy sensation, the Cockney rotation at Rock 'n' Roll Station, and I just do not got the patience to deal with these cocky Caucasians who think I'm some wigga who tries to be black cause I talk wit an accent and grab on my balls so they always be askin the same fuckin questions."
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From: (Anonymous)
2000-05-24 08:14 pm (UTC)
Yeah, that's one of the problems with a Palm, you're actually faced with all the crap you have to do and you can zoom out and see your whole week or month...kinda spooky actually- good thing I mostly use mine for the net, reading docs and games :D
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