Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


I just got an email from a Manager of Operations at Excite Corporation ( about LiveJournal .... of course they really just wanted to know their lost password, so I directed them to the lost password page, but I hinted they should buy/fund LiveJournal from me one day in the future. :-P

Update: The manager at Excite mailed me back, saying, "I forwarded the URL onto product management. Who knows. It's an awesome service. Thanks for providing it!" I know this is wildly far-fetched, but wouldn't that be awesome if Excite bought it (assuming I had some control over how much they bastardize it) and I had shitloads of resources for developing it more? Based on the latest usage stats, we're going to need more hardware pretty soon here..... I should start to think how I can make money off this site to pay for more expansion, without pissing off users... that's always the hard part.

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