Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Such a nice day

It's such a nice day out.... First, Eli and I went up to Greenlake to get new parts for my bike.... damn the parts were expensive. I paid close to $500 for all the new stuff, compared to $650 for the whole bike. Granted the new parts I got are slightly better than the old ones (mainly because they didn't carry my old parts exactly, and I wasn't going to downgrade because some asshole jacked my bike parts...) Anyway, I took it to the service department to have them put it together and they were booked until next week sometime, but one of the guys had pity on me and volunteered to do it today, so that's cool. Of course, service costs money too... *sigh*. After that Eli and I walked around Greenlake awhile ... so nice out, and there were tons of people there... it was cool. We then headed over to Blythe's new place to help her move in, but the girl whose room Blythe is moving into hasn't evacuated yet, so we just went and got Slurpees instead and walked around Ravena park (awesome park, BTW ... I'm going to love living next to it next year ... great biking, running, and frisbee areas... huge park). So now I'm back and took a shower.... going to do my OS write-up and then just chill some more. Haven't ate yet today ... should do that sometime too.
Tags: bike

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