Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

My office

So, picture this: I'm sitting here at my computers, now setup in the large storage/furnace/water-heater room in our basement, rolling around in my rolley chair on the cold cement ... all the wiring in the house comes together here (cable, network, intercom, vacuum system). The room is totally unfinished... the lighting is 3 bulbs hanging from the ceiling. There's a double matress setup over in the corner propped up on some wood. All my stereo and computer wiring is laying all over the room. I have nothing to do ... no obligations, no homework, no work, no chores, nothing! So what's that mean? It's LiveJournal programming time! Oh hell yes... !! I figure I'll work on the Windows client instead of web stuff... that way I won't feel the pain of the 56k modem as much. When cable is installed Friday night, then I'll go back to web stuff.
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