Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

5am == sleep time

Umm ... I did crawl in bed around 4am, but then I remembered something I forgot to do and had to start programming again. LiveJournal now does on-the-fly compression if your browser supports it (most do) ... I wonder why more services don't do this ... it's so frickin' cool. Whenever your browser asks for a webpage, it tells the server what sorts of encodings it understands... one that IE and NS both nearly always report is "gzip" ... so you gzip it on the server end (pretty fast) and it shrinks often as much as 22 times smaller at best (on the calendar pages) and about 4x smaller at worst .... still not bad at all. It's usually at about 10x compression. So the benefit? People with modems can now download this shit a whole bunch faster. Plus, I'm now sending the "Content-length" header, so your browsers will know how much more they have to download, and the percentage bar will be accurate and smooth now, instead of guessing the amount of content remaining.

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