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Brad Fitzpatrick
5 February 1980
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I was born in Iowa but grew up in Oregon, outside Portland. Went to school for four years at the University of Washington in Seattle studying Computer Science ... cool place, cool people. After college I made a brief attempt at living in Germany with my business and servers 7,000 miles away or so. Timezones made that difficult. Moved back to Oregon. Continued to work on LiveJournal with my friends in my house, and then later at a physical office. It kept growing. I'm now in San Francisco after working for Six Apart for a few years, where I continued to run LiveJournal with the rest of the Danga crew. Do not mail me support questions. I usually don't even know the answers, plus I don't work there anymore... 9 years of answering questions and I've reached my limit. Sorry.

Computers, linguistics, and biology interest me a lot.



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